As its name implies, this section aims to offer a collection of works with free downloads, whose main criterion for their inclusion in this collection is that they contain ideas that can help to elucidate the main issues or problems faced by humanity and, thus, assist in the advent of consistent solutions to these problems (both socially and individually).

The entire collection is organized by Authors and Works. As work continues, new works will be added little by little. Naturally, the works aim to support our Associated Sites and Pages.


BACON, Francis – Novum Organum: Instauratio Magna (New Instrument: The Great Renewal; or, True Suggestions for the Interpretation of Nature) – Project Gutemberg’s free online copy.

CONVERSE, Philip E. – The Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics – Originally published in: APTER, David E., org. Ideology and Its Discontents. New York, The Free Press of Glencoe, 1964. pp. 206-261.

MORE, Thomas – Utopia – Project Gutemberg’s free online copy.