Besides the continuity of the works related to the development of the books, translations, sites, pages, and of the Farm “Saint Columban Wheel and Cross”, in the beginning of 2018, in London, as part of the work of the British Section of the Theosophical Society, was organized a Conference on Anna Kingsford, in commemoration to the 130th anniversary of her passing.

As we can read in the material which follow below, the criator of the Site Anna Kingsford, and of thee da Farm “Saint Columban Wheel and Cross, was invited to present the last lecture in the Conference, which had as its title “Anna Kingsford and the Greatest Need of Our Times: the Advent of a Truly Catholic and Scientific Religion”. In the beginning of the lecture the project of the Farm “Saint Columban Wheel and Cross was synthetically presented.

Conference on Anna Kingsford

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