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          To study and to spread a knowledge of the complementary relationship between the religious systems of Christianity and Buddhism, with the aim of creating a new movement, Buddhist Christianity, in which the two systems are seen as complementary and necessary to each other, as we see underscored in the following quotations:

... we regard the two systems as complementary to each other, each being indispensable,... [Life of Anna Kingsford, Edward Maitland, Vol. II, pp. 161-162]

          “This precise attitude towards that particular system of religion, Buddhism, which preceded the advent of Christianity by some five or six centuries has been little short of suicidal to the real success of the latter, having proved disastrous to its hold on all save the ignorant or elementary, the prejudiced, and the conventional classes still dominated by Ecclesiasticism. For the fact is that the doctrine of the Buddha, with its Four Great Truths and its Noble Eightfold Path, its boundless compassion towards all sentient life, its reasonable ethical teaching of development through self-conquest and self-culture, its simple yet profound analysis of suffering and sorrow with the method of escape therefrom open to all, its entire regeneration of the mind, its exalted code of morality and standard of tolerance, peace, and charity – that doctrine is the indispensable forerunner and interpreter of the doctrine of the Christ. In brief, they are not two gospels but two aspects, the without and the within, of one Gospel. For Buddhism finds its translation and completion in Christianity, and Christianity its inception and foundation in Buddhism. [The Living Truth in Christianity, Bertram McCrie, pp. 26-27]

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