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In My Lady’s Chamber (a Speculative Romance, Touching a Few Questions of the Day). Originally published under the pen name (pseudonym) of Colossa (Anna Kingsford). J. Burns, 15, Southampton Row, Holborn, London, 1873. 319 pp.


            Information: Our sincere thanks to Mr. Ralph Johnson, from England, for his generous help in copying this work from its original in the British Library. This work was not generally available until added to the Anna Kingsford site. Sincere thanks are also due to Mr. Brian McAllister for kindly helping in the revision of the digitization errors.


            Below are its title pages and the links to the complete text of the work:





A Speculative Romance,

Touching a Few Questions of the Day



By Colossa






J. Burns, 15, Southampton Row, Holborn, W.C.


Printed by James Welch,

nº. 6, St. Clement Inn Passage, Strand, W.C.








                                            “I curse the hand that did the deid,

                                                    The heart that thocht the ill,

                                            The feet that bare me wi’ sic speid

                                                    The comelie youth to kill.”

                                                                                             – Gil Morrice.





                        A SONNET OF DEDICATION


                        This book is thine, my friend, and this thy song,

                                    My service follows aye where rests my heart;

                        Since heart and service then to thee belong,

                                    Take also this, which of myself is part.


                        A sorry gift, beneath thy lightest thought –

                                    Thy meanest thanks, – yet, worthless though it be,

                        One value hath it still, that it was wrought,

                                    As is all else of mine, beloved, for thee!


                       My life hath no good thing that doth not take

                                    Its brightness from the love which is my sun;

                        For thee I sing or laugh, and for thy sake

                                    From day to day whate’er I do is done!


                        Yet, though this be, and still like morning’s glow

                                    That one sweet thought turn all my grey to gold,

                        Thou dost not know my heart, nor canst thou know

                                    As others do, to whom that heart is cold!


                        I am a dullard in thy presence, sweet,

                                   I have no power to think when thou art near,

                        And from my trembling lips the words retreat,

                                    Abashed and coy, when thou art by to hear!


                        Would I be witty to deserve thy grace?

                                    Would I be wise to win some praise from thee?

                        Tis all in vain – I look but in thy face,

                                    And straightway love alone possesseth me!


                        Since, then, thy face my sight doth ever fill,

                        Thy fault it is this book is writ so ill!







            A Sonnet of Dedication (above)

            1 – Jacob and Esau. (5-8)

            2 – “Thus Esau Despised His Birthright.” (9-15)

            3 – “Flying South.” (16-23)

            4 – Twenty Years After. (24-31)

            5 – Morning Letters. (32-43)

            6 – “Fate is nigh

                   The lordly line of high St. Clair.” (44-51)

            7 – The Defeat of the Favourite. (52-60)

            8 – Diamond Cut Diamond. (61-74)

            9 – Some of Diana’s Notions. (75-87)

            10 – “Notice to Quit.” (88-94)

            11 – “Pearls in Silver Set.” (95-104)

            12 – “Faust and Marguerite.” (105-117)

            13 – Tristan le Rodeur. (118-123)

            14 – She looked at him as one who awakes,

                     the past was a sleep, and her life began. (124-132)

            15 – The Sword of Damocles. (133-141)

            16 – La Peine Fort et Dure. (142-154)

            17 – “FUIT ILLIUM!” (155-160)

            18 – A Lion in the Way. (161-167)

            19 – “Youth at the Prow and Pleasure at the Helm.” (168-180)

            20 – “I Daurna Think of Jamie, for that Wad Be a Sin.” (181-184)

            21 – “We are in Love’s Hand To-day.” (185-196)

            22 – For Her Sake. (197-207)

            23 – DIES VENERIS. (208-219)

            24 – Vivian’s Summons from Head-Quarters. (220-226)

            25 – “Say not good night, but in some brighter clime

                        bid me good morning.” (227-237)

            26 – Which is chiefly Vegetarian. (238-245)

            27 – Which is chiefly Conjugal. (246-257)

            28 – A Letter for my Lady. (258-271)

            29 – Whom the Gods Love Die Young. (272-282)

            30 – MEIN RUH IST HIN; MEIN HERTZ IST SCHWER! (283-286)

            31 – The Light that was Never on Sea or Land. (287-295)

            32 – A Crusade. (296-297)

            33 – La Gloire et les Amours ne Durent pas Toujours. (298-307)

            34 – Love shall resume her dominion,

                     Striving no more to be free;

                     When on her world-weary pinion,

                     Comes back my lost love to me! (308-312)

            35 – Heaven’s Light For Ever Shines,

                     – Earth’s Shadows Flee. (313-319)

                    A Song of Leave-Taking