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            Spirit loq. You ask whether prayer for spiritual strength and reinforcement is really and directly answered, and what prayer is?

            Prayer is the uniform direction of the soul towards its source and origin; the intense straining of the spiritual vision in the direction of the Light; the soul’s cry of faith in that which lies beyond the eyes of sense, the witness to the souls’ certitude of its own power to attain redemption from, and even through, matter, and thus redemption from evil. For all evil lies in the negation of God, arising from lack of consciousness of God’s Being, and therefore evil manifests itself in the lack of conscious prayer. It is as much a truism to say that prayer is answered as to say that a man arrives at the top of a mountain if he climb

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long enough, or to say that a, steamship arrives at her destination if she steer continuously enough towards it. There is no mystery, nor miracle in prayer, nor in the answer to prayer. If the eyes of the soul are set long enough and persistently enough in the direction of spiritual Being, which is at once the most real and most consistent Being that is; if, unbiased by considerations of sense or of earthly meaning, ye focus the eyes of your innermost desire on the revelation of THAT WHICH IS, ye shall surely see and know Truth, and “Truth shall make you free” – free from the limitations by which comes evil.

            But in the act of truest prayer is implied a deep and strenuous faith in that which is prayed for. In so far as this faith is conscious, and by so much the more powerful, does the soul mount more rapidly to God, its goal.

            Prayer unaccompanied by conscious faith is as a ship without its rudder, turning hither and hither as if uncertain what destination it seeks.

            Your souls desire God, because, however deeply they may be embedded in matter, they recognize that they are not of matter, and that the direction of matter towards change and decay is not their direction.

            The will of man, as a human active principle, may or may not stifle this cry of the soul which finds its natural outcome in prayer for spiritual light and life; but unless man resolutely suppress the soul within him, prayer must be.

            Prayer is the ladder by which the soul steadily ascends through matter to its end, which is God. We can trace its cry in the dumb efforts of material and animal evolution to attain to a higher expression through the further and further development of consciousness.

            That which science calls “Natural Selection,” “Selection of Species,” “Descent of Man,” is, no other than the mighty prayer or uprising of the universe towards its source, its continuous expression of certitude that God Is,

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and that He is the Supreme Consciousness from which it has issued forth, its mighty effort to ascend to this Consciousness, individuated and purified by its contact with matter. Have you never observed the common fact that man’s deep sorrow finds expression in prayer, while his happiness and prosperity fail to do so? Have you never reasoned why this is, nor yet seen in it evidence that man’s soul will re-assert its divine birth, will re-commence its up-climbing, whenever it is set free from sense-suppression in sudden check of earth’s desires?

            Intense prayer bears the same relation to the spiritual universe as does pain to the animal kingdom. For is not physical pain the cry of the animal that all is not well, the effort of nature to regain its equilibrium by a powerful manifestation of feeling to animal consciousness? And is not prayer the soul’s cry that all is not well, the effort of the spiritual nature to regain its equilibrium in God by a powerful manifestation of feeling to the Universal Consciousness?



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