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“Three that Bear Record in Heaven”


            IN DEALING with cosmic evolution mention was made of the primal Trinity in Unity of the Unmanifest God. As there is but one law for every plane and sphere of being, and but one homogeneous Substance for the matrix of all elements, so every monad of Divine Substance comprises the potential nature and attributes of the whole. Now the soul is essentially a monad of that homogeneous Substance of God, and hence it comes that every manifested entity is a trinity and can only be manifested by the evolution of its trinity, even as God is only known in the universe through the unfoldment of His Trinity.


            The Bible is not silent either as to the Trinity of the universal or the trinity of the individual. In its opening chapters it affirms the former, in its closing books it portrays the latter; and this is because it is a doctrine of supreme importance, concerning as it does the very nature of Being. For in the first sentences of Genesis it is declared that “the Spirit of God,” that is the Life or Energy of God, “moved upon the face of the Waters,” the Great Deep or Substance of God, “and God SAID,” or found expression, “Let there be Light, and there was Light,” or manifestation of God. (1)


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“Let Us Make Man in Our Image”


            Again, in the mystery of the Immaculate Conception it is through the “Spirit,” the Life or Father, co-operating with the “Water,” of a virgin and purified Soul or Mother, that is produced the “Word” or Son, the spiritual and substantial “Christ within,” and this, in every individual who steadfastly wills and works to attain unto it, is the final Trinity in Unity of God made manifest in Man; while in the crowning mystery of the Assumption the Apocalyptic “Woman,” or Soul, “clothed with the sun” of full illumination and diademed with the jewels of her consummate pure estate, overshadowed by the Celestial Energy, brings forth the “man child” who mounts straightway to the throne of God, and over whom the doomed dragon or serpent of evil has no longer any shadow of influence.


            Thus the Thought of the Divine Mind, uttered as the Word in the outbreathing of the Great Breath, returns through its inbreathing again as realised Idea. The manifest rises through nature to merge with the unmanifest. For in the final term of man’s evolution to the perfect stature of Christ, Who is the crowning manifestation of Humanity, there is reached a central point of correspondence and convergence between the individual and the universal that marks the visible goal of all effort. Through his wholly regenerate self as Christ, man receives thereby the gift of the Logos or Adonai into his spirit, which is the Gift of God, the Eternal Life, or self-perpetuity of being, and wins for evermore his title as Son of Man and Son of God and the right to say: – “I and the Father-Mother are ONE.”


            And so, while “the dew-drop” of his being “slips into the shining sea” of all Being, it is not lost therein. For at that moment the Ocean

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of God’s Life slips into the transfigured Soul of Man.




(40:1) Water is used as a synonym for Substance and the Soul because it is essentially pure and “immaculate,” being the combination of two chemically pure gases. Foul matter may mix mechanically but can never actually combine with it, and may always be separated from it by a process of filtering or distilling. So it is with the mixture of “sin” in the soul and “evil” in the world; and so it is with their eradication.



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