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The Appeal of the Esoteric Christian Union to the Churches and People of Christendom. Published by the Esoteric Christian Union, whose President-Founder was Edward Maitland. London (37, Chelsea Gardens, S.W.), circa 1893. 8 pp. 


            Information: This pamphlet had become, until this date, a very rare and difficult one to find. After more than a hundred years of its publication, it was practically forgotten and unknown in this beginning of the 21st Century. As in the case of so many other texts, it is being presented for the first time to the wide Interned public by this site. The text, therefore, has its message to the world recovered. It is still a message, as far as we can see, of the utmost importance to the world affairs. Below we have the complete text of this historical document and APPEAL:




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1. THERE are two presentations of Christianity which are in such direct and irreconcilable opposition to each other as to constitute two diverse and antagonistic religions. One of them is the system purely spiritual, founded in the nature of being, and representing the inner and divinely intended sense of the Bible, insisted on the Bible itself. Originally communicated by the Church celestial to the Church terrestrial, this religion was lost through the corruption of the latter – called in the Bible the Fall – and supplanted by its opposite, and after being continually reaffirmed by the prophets – its original recipients – was by Christ demonstrated in His own person at the cost of His life. Still failing to obtain recognition, its restoration was promised in numerous prophecies as to take place at the end of the age, to the coming of the kingdom of God with power and the downfall of its supplanter, the inspiring spirit of which would then be “bound for a thousand years.”


            2. Constituting a perfect doctrine of existence and rule of life, the system of the Church unfallen is such as to satisfy absolutely man’s highest aspirations – intellectual, moral, and spiritual. According to it, God, who is the sole original Being, is all love and wisdom and power and goodness; and man is an individuated portion of God, consisting of the energy and substance which are God – for there is no other source for them – and is by nature and constitution essentially good, and

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and only through his failure to recognise this fact is he otherwise. And in virtue of the divinity of his constituent principles, he is possessed of divine potentialities, the realisation of which lies within his own power. The method of such realisation consists in inward purification and unfoldment, the process whereof is called Regeneration, because by means of it man becomes constituted anew of the higher principles of his system to the exclusion of the lower. These higher principles are the Soul and Spirit, called also as in the Bible, Water and the Spirit, and personified as Virgin Maria and Holy Ghost. By the former is denoted the divine substance as the soul in man purified from materiality, and said, therefore, to be virgin as to matter. And by the latter is denoted the divine energy which resides in such a soul, and is called Holy Ghost, because as pure spirit it is God, and Holy Ghost is the name, in the spiritual science of the Church unfallen, for God operative in creation as distinguished from God in repose prior to manifestation. Of these two as parents is generated the new spiritual selfhood called, as by St. Paul, the Christ Within; and in and through Him the man is released from the limitations of his inferior elements, and realises the divinity which is his birthright, being made by regeneration a Son of God, as set forth in that epitome of the spiritual history of the sons of God, called the Credo. Thus does man accomplish his due spiritual evolution, the secret and method of the Christ in him consisting in inward purification and unfoldment. And his is called a Christ, who, attaining to regeneration while yet in the body, constitutes for men a demonstration of their own equal divine potentialities and the manner of the realisation thereof. Being a vital process, it is an interior process. Man cannot be saved by aught that is extraneous to himself. Such is the doctrine of the Church unfallen. But although divine and divinely revealed, the appeal of that Church on its behalf is not to authority, but to the understanding. For being made in the image of God, man is, by virtue of his constitution and nature, competent for the comprehension of all truth; and only through defect of condition does he fail to be thus competent.


            3. The other and opposed presentation represents man suffering from the defect of condition just named. It is the system, wholly idolatrous and resting in the letter, which, being constructed by priests under instigation declared in the

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Bible to be that of the powers of evil, was at once the cause and the consequence of the Church’s fall. As shown in the Bible, it was persistently denounced by the prophets, whom, therefore, it slew, and was guilty of the murder of the Christ and of the perversion of His doctrine. And hence is it responsible – as declared in advance by Jesus Himself in the Apocalypse – for the failure of Christianity and for the world’s present condition of alienation from religion by reason of the grievous defects, intellectual, moral, and spiritual, of its presentation of Christianity.


            4. For, according to this presentation, instead of love and goodness, God is will only and caprice, absolutely selfish; and an inveterate lover of blood, and man is, both by derivation and by nature, altogether reprobate and incapable of good, and is doomed, even prior to existence, to everlasting torment, from which no repentance or amendment can save him, but only a sacrifice of blood, and this not his own but another’s, and that innocent blood. For so only can the God of this religion be propitiated towards him, and even this method is available for but a fraction of his race. The rest must suffer everlastingly. Instead, moreover, of rendering to God a reasonable service, as by the cultivation of a pure and loving spirit in himself, man is compelled by his priests to the observance of a multitude of ordinances, ceremonial merely and formal, and to an acquiescence, mechanical merely and unintelligent, in dogmas which transcend and even contradict reason, neither ordinance nor dogma making appeal to his understanding or bearing any relation to his felt spiritual needs. But, on the contrary, his understanding is rigorously suppressed in favour of authority as the criterion of truth and arbiter of conduct, even his won clear intuitions of right and wrong, true and false, being set aside as delusive. So that, in place of a religion of love, and truth which makes free, he has a religion of terror, and is in the most grievous bondage. And, in pursuance of this religion, he has been led to regard it as his duty to gratify yet further the bloodthirsty propensities of the being set before hem as God, by devastating the earth with cruel wars and persecutions on behalf of his faith. Such is the religion of the Church fallen; the appeal on its behalf being to the letter of the Bible and to priestly tradition, both of which the Bible expressly repudiates, saying of the former, “the letter killeth: the spirit alone

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giveth life”; and of the latter, “ye have made the Word of God of none effect by your traditions”: while the “Mystery,” insisted on at the cost of the understanding, and by means of which the priests obtain their power, is denounced by Jesus in the Apocalypse, as “Babylon the great, mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.”


            5. Such are the two presentations of religion which are designated in the Bible by the names, respectively, of “Christ” and “Belial”; but of which, nevertheless, Christendom has been compelled by its priests to espouse the latter, calling it “Christ”; and this it has accordingly accepted and professed. Doing which it has rejected Christ and His doctrine of Regeneration for that of His crucifiers and their doctrine of Substitution, as formulated by Caiaphas and represented and represented by Barabbas. And that the latter is called a robber is because by such presentation men are defrauded of the divine potentialities Christ claimed for them, as when He said, “My Father and your Father, My God and your God.” Thus has Christendom made itself accessory after the fact to the crime of Calvary; and though professing to know and to believe in the Bible, it has accepted the religion of which the Bible, interpreted by its own rules, is from end to end the emphatic denunciation, and declined that of which the Bible is the equally emphatic affirmation.


            6. As proved by the condition of Church and world, Christianity has failed, neither of them being regenerate, but both of them being wholly degenerate. But as shown herein, Christianity has failed, not because it is false, but because it has been falsified; and that which has passed under the name is not the religion of Christ, but the negation and opposite and deadly foe of that religion, even the religion crucified Him, and ever has been crucifying Him in the persons of His doctrine and of those who sought to proclaim it.

            It is only on behalf of the real Christianity that this appeal is uttered. And it is in order that there may be no room for doubt as to what precisely this religion is, nor any excuse for ignorance, that the Hierarchy of the Church celestial – fulfilling its promises recorded in the Bible – has complemented and crowned the old Gospel of Manifestation by a New Gospel of Interpretation. And this it has done with such plenitude of truth and beauty, and with such simplicity withal, that the world has not beheld the like. For the

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Christ is lifted up therein in such guise that He shall perforce draw all men unto Him, and he who runs may read. Of the reality of this most stupendous of all the wonders of this age of wonders, and of the validity of the claim thus confidently advanced in its behalf, there is for those who, being cognisant of the facts, add to the intellect intuition and to learning insight, and having thus the witness in themselves, are qualified to judge – no manner of doubt. But it is for them absolutely sure that the key of knowledge, withheld and forfeited and lost by the fallen Ecclesiasticisms – being withdrawn from their custody by the Church celestial –has in very deep been restored; that the seals are actually broken and the books opened, as it was declared they should be at this time: that the fig-three – symbol from the beginning, of the soul and her intuition as the interpreter of divine things – is no more barren, but has blossomed and borne fruit, for the time of figs has come; that the vine – symbol ever of the spirit – has yielded grapes anew, so that henceforth men may sit under the vine and the fig-tree and eat of the precious fruits of God, and, therein, of that only true bread of heaven, the food of understanding. And the curse of Eve is removed; for the “woman” Intuition, mother ever of God in man, has recovered from her fall and crushed the serpent’s head, and – become virgin as to materiality – has been exalted, “clothed with the sun” of full intelligence, and carried to the throne of God, whence she has delivered to the world the interpretation which alone can save it, because only by it is the revelation of the Christ complete. For, as manifestation is of the man, so is interpretation of the woman; and “the man is not without the woman, nor the woman without the man, in the Lord” of the whole, unfolded, perfectly equilibrated Humanity of the Christ that is to be; yea, and that shall be, despite the wrath of the dragon and his angels, as evinced through their representatives of the doomed, because false, orthodoxies hitherto in possession.


            7. And inasmuch as it is to man’s restored understanding that the revelation which is to work such vast issues is made, and the kingdom of heaven is within man, the events is no other than that Second Coming, declared as to take place “in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory,” when “that wicked one shall be revealed,” – who so long has “sat in the temple of God as if he were God,” to withhold men from their

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Lawful divine heritage, – “whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth and shall destroy by the brightness of His coming”; and who is no other than the inspiring evil principle of “that great city Babylon,” the world’s priest-constructed sacrificial system which hitherto has prevailed in Church, State, and Society; and of which Jesus says, “Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

            Says the seer of that wondrous forecast of the Church’s history – the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine – speaking under inspiration of his ascended Master: “And I saw another angel flying in mid-heaven, having an eternal gospel to proclaim unto them that dwell on the earth; and unto every nation and tribe, and tongue and people; and he said with a loud voice, ‘Fear God, and give Him glory, for the hour of His judgement is come, and worship Him that made the heaven and the earth, and sea and fountains of waters.’”

            It is in the sure conviction that this prophecy has been fulfilled and the “eternal gospel” announced in it delivered, and that it is no other than the New Gospel of Interpretation herein named, that the movement represented by this appeal has been inaugurated and this appeal is uttered; the object being to aid in the proclamation thereof, and to call on all spiritually vitalised and percipient souls to join in the same; that so the company of the preachers may be great as the time is ripe and the need urgent, and the Word have free course and be glorified, to the unspeakable advantage of Church and world, now groaning for deliverance from the bondage of a religion and a science alike materialistic and idolatrous, and incapable of ministering to man’s needs of any plane whatever of his manifold nature, and least of all on the spiritual.






[Copies of this Appeal supplied free to Members for distribution on

application to the Hon. Sec.]





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President-Founder – EDWARD MAITLAND, B.A.

Hon. Sec. & Treasurer – ETHEL FORSYTH

37, Chelsea Gardens, S.W.






THE ESOTERIC CHRISTIAN UNION shall consist of all persons who, being in sympathy with the aims and methods, intimate their desire to belong to it, and to assist in promoting its objects, whether or not they be contributors to its funds. For, while pecuniary aid is invited as indispensable to any large scale of operations and a corresponding measure of success, it is NOT required as a condition of membership. Nor will membership be regarded as committing individuals to any particular tenet or view, but only to a general approbation of the Society’s principles. Nor, again, will it be required of members that their names appear in the Society’s published lists, this being left optional.

            A printed form of membership will be supplied to applicants, which, when filled up, will be submitted to the President-Founder in Council.

            The Council shall consist of members appointed by the President-Founder, upon whom, or any number of whom, he may call to assist him with their advice, the responsibility of the action taken resting with him.




            The scheme of the Society’s methods, to be carried out according to the means placed at its disposal, comprises –


(1) The circulation of a statement setting forth its origin, objects, basis, method, and scope, the derivation of, and authority for its teaching, and an abstract of its doctrine (as contained in its chief text-books).

(2) The recommendation of the books deemed the best exponents of such teaching, and their presentation, loan, or sale at reduced prices, to free public libraries, private circles or readers or individuals, as may be advisable.

(3) The holding of meetings public and private, for exposition; the publication of new, and republication of old books distinguished for their soundness of doctrine and lucidity of statement; the establishment of periodicals, and the encouragement and aid of branch or corresponding societies at home and abroad, irrespective of race, nation, or creed; and whatever else may serve to realise the endeavour of the Society to constitute itself a highly vitalised centre of spiritual energy from which to radiate effectually of such vital truths as are essential to true religion and morality.


            All Communications respecting Membership, etc., to be addressed to the Hon. Secretary,

                                                                                  Miss ETHEL FORSYTH,

                                                                                  37 Chelsea Gardens, S.W.,

to whom all Cheques and Postal Orders may be made payable, crossed “London and County Bank, South Kensington Branch.”





Books Recognised by the Society as

Appertaining to the New Gospel of Interpretation.


The Perfect Way; or, the Finding of Christ. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. Hamilton, Adams & Co., London, 1882. Second edition, revised and enlarged: Field and Tuer, London, 1887; and also, Esoteric Publishing Company, Boston, 1988. 3rd edition: 1890. Fifth edition, edited, with additions and a long preface, by Samuel Hopgood Hart: John M. Watkins, London, 1923. 405 pp.


[The following resumed presentation of the book’s contents was added by the organizer of the Anna Kingsford Site, as is the case with the other resumed presentations in this section:]


A book setting forth the “intellectual concepts” which underlie Christianity, but which its official exponents cannot or may not disclose, and demonstrating Christianity to be a symbolic synthesis of the fundamental truths contained in all religions.


Prefaces – Introductory Lecture – The Soul; and the Substance of Existence – The Various Orders of Spirits; and How to Discern Them – The Atonement – The Nature and Constitution of the Ego – The Fall (Nº 1) – The Fall (Nº 2) – The Redemption – God as the Lord; or, the Divine Image – Appendices – Index.


Clothed with the Sun: Being the Illuminations of Anna (Bonus) Kingsford. Anna Kingsford. Edited by Edward Maitland. First edition: John M. Watkins, London, 1889. Second edition: The Ruskin Press, Birmingham, 1906. Third Edition: edited by Samuel Hopgood Hart, 1937. Sun Books (reprint), Santa Fe, 1993. 210 pp.


Part I: Concerning the Three Veils between Man and God – Inspiration and Prophesying – The Kingdom of the Soul – The Prophecy of the Immaculate Conception – Revelation – The Interpretation of the Mystical Scriptures – the Mosaic Cosmogony – The Fall – The Prophecy of the Deluge – The Prophecy of the Book of Esther – The Prophecy of the Vision of Nebuchadnezzar – The Prophecy of the Time of the End – The Soul: Its Origin, Nature, and Potentialities – Persephone, or the Soul’s Descent into Matter – The Genius or Daimon – The “Powers of the Air” – The Devil and Devils – The Gods – The Greek Mysteries – The Origin of Evil, and the Tree as the Type of Creation – The Great Pyramid, and the Initiations Therein – The “Man of Power” – The “Work of Power” – The Man Regenerate – The Christ and the Logos – Christian Pantheism – The “Blood of Christ” – “Vicarious Atonement” – Paul and the Disciples of Jesus – The Gospels: their Origin and Composition – The Actual Jesus – The Previous Lives of Jesus – The Holy Family – The Metempsychosis or Avatar – The Eon of the Christ – The Doctrine of Grace – The Hereafter – The True Ego – God – The Poet, as Type of the Heavenly Personality – Consciousness and Memory – the Christian Mysteries – Dying – The One Life – etc.

Part II: The Book of the Mysteries of God.

Part III: The Divine Image; or, the Vision of Adonai.


Intima Sacra. A Manual of Esoteric Devotion. Compiled by E.M. Forsyth. David Stott, London: 370, Oxford Street, W. 1891. 163 pp.


Compiler’s Introduction  Preface  – The Credo  – The Lord’s Prayer  – Concerning Holy Writ  – Concerning Sin and Death  – Concerning the Great Work – The Redemption  – Concerning Inspiration  – Concerning the Immaculate Conception  – Concerning the Fall  – Concerning Idolatry Concerning the New AdventConcerning Prayer  – Concerning CreationConcerning Evil  – Concerning Atonement Concerning the History of the Soul and its Progress Concerning Re-incarnation Hymn to Phoibos Hymn to Aphrodite The Three Veils between Man and God Meditations Benediction.


The Bible’s Own Account of Itself. Edward Maitland. 1st Edition: Ruskin Press, Birmingham, 1891. 2nd Edition, complete with Appendix: Ruskin Press, Birmingham, 1905. 83 pp. Third Edition: John M. Watkins, London, 1913.


The failure of Orthodoxy and Agnosticism to interpret the Bible. – The sources of information whereby to determine this question. – The doctrine of the Bible in neither that of Orthodoxy nor of Materialism, but of Pantheism, in that it involves the divinity of inherency. – The necessary unity, duality, and trinity of Original, and therein of all, Being. The mystical “woman,” of the Bible: the Soul, her recognition and appreciation to constitute the “Woman’s Age.” – The passage of Original Being from the static to the dynamic state, in which it is designated “Holy Spirit.” – The narrative of the Creation, the Flood, and the Nativity. – The divinity of inherency, evolution, immortality, regeneration, and re-incarnation, as indispensable to divine incarnation. – The “Divine Marriage.” – The initial and final stages of man’s spiritual evolution, represented by “Adam” and “Christ,” “Eve” and “Mary.” – Unscriptural and blasphemous nature of the Orthodox presentations. – How to “put on Christ.” – The Higher Alchemy and the true Resurrection. – The Soul’s Intuition, the interpreter deliverer, represented in the Bible as a woman, and symbolised also by the “ass.” – “Christ” macrocosmic as well as microcosmic. – The Finding of Christ the completion of the Intuition and realisation of the Ideal. – Jesus, why selected to be the new exemplar. – The mystic exodus from the mystic Egypt. – The significance of the work represented by this exposition as indicative of the meaning of the Age. – The “time of the end,” the “end of the world,” the “budding of the fig-tree,” the “war in heaven” and “standing up of Michael,” the “coming of the Son of man” and descent of the “Holy City,” the intended sense of these expressions.


The “New Gospel of Interpretation”: Being an Abstract of the Doctrine and a Statement of the Origin, Object, Basis, Method and Scope of the Esoteric Christian Union. Edward Maitland. Published under auspice of the Esoteric Christian Union, whose President-Founder was Edward Maitland. London, Lamley & Co., 1892. 93 pp.


Distinction between the Esoterical and Ecclesiastical – The Indictment of Ecclesiasticism – The Bible insists on the Esoteric sense – The Bible throughout denounces Ecclesiasticism – The Bible contains clay and dross as well as gold – The Apocalypse a prospective history of the Church – “The Beast” and his “number” – The “Woman” by whose fall comes man’s fall, and by whose restoration man’s redemption, not a woman, but the Soul as represented by the Intuition – The Fall, which is that of the original Church of Christ, brought about by Ecclesiasticism acting under Satanic control – “The order of Melchizedek” – Why essential doctrines were suppressed in favour of salvation by Substitution – The Esoteric and true doctrine of Divine Incarnation – “The mystery of Redemption” – Christ is the fulfilment of the divine-natural order, the realisation in every man of his own divine potentialities – Anti-Christ, and the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost – Definitions of these sins – Man the individuated expression of principles subsisting in God – By its denial of the Divine Duality and suppression of the Understanding in favour of authority as the criterion of truth, Ecclesiasticism has blasphemed, and has accordingly systematically perverted all the doctrines of religion – The guilt of the rejection and crucifixion of Christ, rests not upon the Jews, against whom Ecclesiasticism has directed it, but upon Ecclesiasticism itself – The world’s present state; signifying the total extinction of the “Woman,” Intuition, and therein of the moral and spiritual consciousness – The manifestation anew of the Christ, whereby that influence of Ecclesiasticism is to be destroyed – The Bible forecasts of this event are manifold – The “Man bearing a pitcher of water” – The Zodiac, the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and the Obelisk – “Jachin and Boaz;” “Pillars of Hercules” – The occurrence in the present age of a restoration of faculty and knowledge corresponding to that predicted in the Bible, as exemplified in the writings called the New Gospel of Interpretation – This gospel is not new itself, but new only by reason of its having been suppressed, forgotten, and lost – Its identity in spirit, derivation, kind and method with all previous divine revelations – The Church of the Regeneration, its characteristics. “Roma” reversed; “Peter;” “Mystery;” “the dry bones live;” “the vessels of the house of the Lord” restored, and the temple rebuilt – The message of the New Interpretation to the Ecclesiasticisms, especially that of Science – The condition of the priesthoods of the future – The present disintegration of society preparatory to re-integration on the basis of the New Interpretation – The Lord rules. “Solve, Coagula, Fige – The “Bow in the clouds” – Conclusion: For those who know the spiritual nature and history of the World, so far from there being any antecedent improbability in the event herein declared, it was a moral certainty; that which it means being man’s completion in his proper divine image, by his promotion to his spiritual manhood, and the regeneration of Church and World. The Esoteric Christian Union: Organisation and Methods. Scriptures of the Future. Books Recognised by the Society as Appertaining to the New Gospel of Interpretation.


“A Message to Earth. Published anonymously. [Compiler’s note: It is very likely that this work was edited by Edward Maitland.] Published in conjunction with the writings recognized by the Esoteric Christian Union as appertaining to the “New Gospel of Interpretation.” London (Lamley & Co., 1 & 3 Exhibition Road, S.W.), 1892. 93 pp.


Aspiration – Faith – God’s Kingdom – Love – Individuality – Prayer –  Doubt – Communion of Souls – Jesus the man – The Holy Spirit – Personality – The Earth’s Coming Redemption – The God in Man – Love, the Redeemer – The Meaning of the Age – Evolution the Individuation of God – The Mission of the Christ – The Work of Science – The Work of Christ – Individual Evolution, Reincarnation the Means, Regeneration the Result – Love Manifested in Action – Love Manifested in Action (2) – Love in Life – Christ the Demonstration of the Power of Love – The Interpretation of Christ, the Second Coming of Christ – Courage Born of Faith and Love – Christ the Everlasting Type – Materialism and Unbelief Due to Lack of Faculty – Jesus the Vehicle, Christ the Spiritual Content – The Sin Against the Holy Ghost – Purpose of the Gospel Statement – Intuition the Recognition of Man’s Indwelling Divinity – The Ministry of Angels – Christ the Joyous – Christ Jesus, His Second and Spiritual Advent – Prayer (2) – The True Consciousness – The Disposal of these Writings – Relativity of Man’s Conception of Truth – The Ministry of Suffering Love the Solvent – Closing Admonitions – Concerning Devotion to the Personal Jesus – On Expressing the Desire Similarly to Hold Spiritual Intercourse – On Enquiring why the Term “Father” Only Is Applied to God, when, as Being both the Force and the Substance of Existence, God is Necessarily Mother as well as Father – The Esoteric Christian Union


Also, containing teaching identical in source and character with the foregoing, but mixed with some writings of a lighter order:


Dreams and Dream-Stories. Anna Kingsford. Edited by Edward Maitland. George Redway, London, 1888. 281 pp.


Part I: Dreams – The Doomed Train – The Wonderful Spectacles – The Counsel of Perfection – The City of Blood – The Bird and the Cat – The Treasure in the Lighted House – The Forest Cathedral – The Enchanted Woman – The Banquet of the Gods – The Difficult Path – A Lion in the Way – A Dream of Disembodiment – The Perfect Way with Animals – The Laboratory Underground – The Old Young Man – The Metempsychosis – The Three Kings – The Armed Goddess – The Game of Cards – The Panic-struck Pack-horse – The Haunted Inn – An Eastern Apologue – A Haunted House Indeed – The Square in the Hand – Dream Verses.

Part II: Dream-Stories – A Village of Seers – Steepside; a Ghost Story – Beyond the Sunset – A Turn of Luck – Noémi – The Little Old Man’s Story – The Nightshade – St. George the Chevalier.


[Note from the organizer of the Anna Kingsford Site: To the above set of books, we could surely add a few others, published after this pamphlet came to light – for they were reconized by the Esoteric Christian Union (founded by Edward Maitland) as appertaining to the New Gospel of Interpretation – which are:]


The Story of Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland and of the New Gospel of Interpretation. Edward Maitland. 1st Edition, 1893. 2nd Edition, 1894. 3rd Edition, edited by Samuel H. Hart. Ruskin Press, Birmingham, 1905. 204 pp.


Prefaces – Introduction – The Vocation – The Initiation – The Communication – The Anatomization – The Recapitulation – The Exemplification – The Promulgation and Recognition.


The Life of Anna Kingsford: Her Life, Letters, Diary and Work. Edward Maitland. Two volumes. George Redway, London, 1896. 3rd Edition, edited by Samuel Hopgood Hart. John M. Watkins, London, 1913. Vol. I, 442 pp.; Vol. II, 466 pp.


Volume I: Prefaces – Early Life – Our First Acquaintance – Some Account of Myself – Mutual Recognition – To End of 1875 – Student Life – Spiritual Unfoldments – The Celestial Opened – A Cloud of Witnesses – Persecuted of Apollyon – The Baffled Sorcerer – Manifold Experiences – The First and Last of the Gods – Warnings and Instructions – Floods of Light – Close of Student Course – Among the Astrals – Conversations with the Genii – Continuous Illuminations.

Volume II: The Perfect Way – Numerous Experiences – Varied Activities – A Tour Abroad – Winter at Paris – The Theosophical Society – A Time of Controversy – Meditations on the Mysteries – The Hermetic Society – Letters and Illuminations – Some Former Incarnations – De Multis Rebus – A Flight for Life – A Melancholy Tour – A Home to Die In – The Withdrawal – Priest versus Prophet – Post Mortem – Index.


Addresses and Essays on Vegetarianism. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. Edited by Samuel Hopgood Hart. John M. Watkins, London, 1912. 227 pp.


Biographical Preface.

By Anna Kingsford: Social considerations – Letters on Pure Diet – A Lecture on Food – The Best Food for Man – The Physiology of Vegetarianism – Historical Aspect of Food Reform – Some Aspects of the Vegetarian Question – Addresses to Vegetarians – Evolution and Flesh-eating.

By Edward Maitland: Extracts from England and Islam – Vegetarianism in Its Higher Aspects – Vivisection and Vegetarianism – The Higher Aspects of Vegetarianism – Evolution and Free-thought – The Highest Aspect of Vegetarianism – Vegetarianism; the Common Sense of It – Man’s Best Food – Vegetarianism and Antiquity – Vegetarianism and the Bible – Index.


            Also – containing teaching identical in source and nature with the foregoing, but mixed with some writings of a lighter order: –


The Credo of Christendom: and other Addresses and Essays on Esoteric Christianity. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. Edited by Samuel Hopgood Hart. John M. Watkins, London, 1916. 256 pp.


Biographical Preface (by Samuel Hopgood Hart) – Lectures: The Credo of Christendom – The Hermetic Fragment Koré Kosmou, the Virgin of the World – The Method of the Mystics – Karma – Bible Hermeneutics – “Violationism,” or Sorcery in Science – The Systematisation and Application of Psychic Truth – Essays and Letters: – The Constitution of Man – Concerning Re-Incarnation – The Doctrine of “Shells” – Extraneous Spirits and Obsession – The Historic “Jesus” – Fate, Heredity, and Re-Incarnation – The Mystic Kings of the East – Christian Mysticism – Animals and their Souls – The Trinity. Illustrations: “Via Crucis” – The Lower Triangle – The Upper Triangle.



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