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Anna Kingsford – Selected Texts, Quotes and Glossary

Selected Texts


Selected Texts:

Hermes, Hermetic and the Hermetic Society. Anna Kingsford. Taken from The Life of Anna Kingsford: Her Life, Letters, Diary and Work. Edward Maitland. Two volumes. George Redway, London, 1896. 3rd Edition, edited by Samuel Hopgood Hart. John M. Watkins, London, 1913. Vol. I, 442 pp.; Vol. II, 466 pp.

The Banquet of the Gods. Anna Kingsford. From Dreams and Dream-Stories. Edited by Edward Maitland. Second Edition: George Redway, London, 1888. 281 pp. (pp. 36-38) [This text gives in a condensed form the requisite diet for those who feel themselves called to the highest spiritual path.]

The Credo of Christendom. In: The Credo of Christendom: and other Addresses and Essays on Esoteric Christianity. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. Edited by Samuel Hopgood Hart. John M. Watkins, London, 1916. 256 pp. [The text presents the meaning of several passages of the Credo of Christendom, with special attention to its true catholicity, when the Credo is correctly interpreted.]

Vegetarianism and the Bible. Edward Maitland. From Addresses and Essays on Vegetarianism. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. Edited by Samuel Hopgood Hart. John M. Watkins, London, 1912. 227 pp. [This text gives in a condensed form the mystical teaching of Christianity, with emphasis on the fact that vegetarianism is an integral part of the Bibles teachings.] 



“Adam,” “Eve,” “Christ,” and “Mary” and the Rest – Denote the Various Spiritual Elements
          Constituting the Individual

Anna Kingsford “Apologia”; or, a Brief Presentation of Her Religious Views
Appealing to the Intellectual as well as to the Devotional Side
Awful Results of Roman Catholic Conventual System
Bacchic Mysteries Are the Immediate Source and Pattern of the Mysteries of the Catholic
         Christian Church

Baron Spedalieri on “The Perfect Way” and “The Credo”
Buddhism and Christianity Are Not Antagonistic or Rival Systems
Buddhism (Pure) Is in No Radical Respect Different from Pure Christianity
Church’s Dogmas Have No Physical Reference
Church’s Toleration of Vivisection – Earth Has Become a Hell In Catholic Christendom
         the Creatures Endure Every Species of Torment

Common Sense
Christian Religion Existed Among the Ancients (St. Augustine)
Christianity: Materials for Revising the Theology of
Conditions [of Health] under which her Work was Performed
Convert the Material, Idolatrous, Interpretation of Ancestral Doctrine into a Spiritual One
Current Christianity (Position in Regard to the)
Divine Order of Chivalry Is the Order of the Christ
Doctrine of Caste, Teach It Above All Things
Dry Bones Shall Live: Symbols Remain as Forms to Enclose the Living Spirit
Edward Maitland: Testimony by Samuel Hopgood Hart
Esoteric Christianity and Esoteric Buddhism Are Complementary Systems

Faculty of Knowing Intuitively Possessed by Anna Kingsford
Faith That Is Without Understanding Is Credulity
Flight of the Seagulls on a Glorious Day: – the Happiness and the Shock
Hold Fast to the Truth as Your Lamp – Gautama Buddha
I Thought to Have Helped in the Overthrow of the Idolatrous Altars
Immaculate Conception and the Assumption Have no Physical Reference
Interpretation of the Passage (Parable) of the Multitude of Fishes
Interpretation of Your Bibles
Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; who is Conceived by the Holy Ghost, Born of the
          Virgin Mary

Knowledge Is the Prime Minister of Faith
Life of Anna Kingsford”: the Great Biography by Edward Maitland

“Life of Anna Kingsford”: Testimony by Madame Isabel de Steiger
Man’s Supreme Function is Knowledge
Masonic System against the Catholic Church
Memory, the Poet, the Soul and the Knowledge of the Divine Self
Message Will Become the Religion of Great Nations

Mystical Sense, and Not the Literal Sense

Mystics, Mysticism and the Materialistic School
Nature of the Faculty Possessed by Anna Kingsford
Neither of Them Separately Is Man
No Contradiction between Reason and Revelation
No Single Ecclesiastical Creed Is Comprehensible by itself Alone
Not the Crucifixion Eighteen Centuries Ago that Can Save Us
Objects of the Hermetic Society
Our Position in Regard to the Historical Jesus
Our System Relates to the Living Today, and to the Ever-Present Testimony of Thought, and
         of Intuition

“Philosopher’s Stone”: Signifies the Pure Spirit (Wine, Blood) and Soul-substance (Bread,
         Body) of which the Regenerated Selfhood – the “Christ within” – Consists

Primitive Christian Church Understood Her Faith Esoterically
Profanation of the Mysteries to put such Doctrine before Those who are Content with
         Present Christianity

Qualities Essential to High Achievement
Reform of the Christian System
Religion and the Hermetic Interpretation
Sins, “Avidya,” Ignorance, Karma, and Karma Must be Reaped
St. Augustine: Christian Religion Existed Among the Ancients
Saint Augustine: the Virgin Mary and the Soul
Sin, Karma, Enlightenment, “Man Made Perfect” or “Raised from the Dead”
Suicidal to the Whole Sacerdotal System
Testimony of Baron Spedalieri on “The Perfect Way”

Testimony of Lady Caithness on “The Perfect Way”
Testimony of S.L. Macgregor Mathers on “The Perfect Way”
“The Perfect Way” and the Dogmas of the Church
“The Perfect Way,” Mr. Sinnett and Reincarnation

“The Perfect Way,” Present Gospel of Christendom and the Needs of the Age
“The Perfect Way” Restored the Meaning of the Symbols of All the Churches, pre-Christian
           as Well as Christian

“The Perfect Way,” Spiritism and Illumination by the Inner Divine Spirit
“The Perfect Way” Will Be Found to Be an Occult Library
Thought is Substance
To Labour Is to Pray
True Woman
Two Things about the Christian Religion

Universal Peace is Absolutely Impossible to a Carnivorous Race!
Vegetarian Movement: Redeemer of the World
“Woman”: Mystical Representation of the Soul
Work in Christian Lands



Adam and Eve
Athena (Pallas-Athena), Patron of Horses, Horses Signify the Intellect
Christ Jesus within Man
Common Sense
Creation: Not from Without, but from Within
God, the Father
Fall (The)

Fruit and Bread

Horses Signify the Intellect
Idolaters and Idolatry
Jesus: the Man Who Realises It (Christhood) Actively Is a Jesus
Maya: Everything Passes, Flits By, and Vanishes
Memory, Remembrance and the Knowledge of the Divine Essential Self
Philosopher’s Stone
Soul and the Blessed Virgin Mary

True Religion, Gnosis and Wisdom (Sophia)
“Woman”: Mystical Representation of the Soul