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Discussion List “anna-kingsford” – The object of this discussion list is to gather material, to study, to exchange information and to discuss the life and work of Anna Kingsford, as well as Edward Maitland, her great collaborator. Above all, the list aims to help in spreading the interpretation of the Christian Sacred Scriptures, given in the writings of Kingsford and Maitland. The list is administered by Arnaldo Sisson Filho. The address of the list’s initial page is:
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“anna-kingsford” list, send e-mail to:

[Portuguese] – Discussion List “cristianismo-kingsford” – This discussion list has the same object as the “anna-kingsford” list (see above), only having Portuguese as the language of communication. It was created for the promotion of this knowledge in Brazil and Latin America. The list is administered by Arnaldo Sisson Filho. The address of the list’s initial page is:
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International Vegetarian Union (IVU): http://www.ivu.org/ . This is the site of the main international organization for the promotion of vegetarianism. Its pages contain material on Anna Kingsford, see in English and Spanish:

The Order of the Cross: http://www.orderofthecross.org/ – an informal Christian Fellowship, dedicated to the Compassionate Life and the realization of the Christ within. Since its foundation in 1904 it has promoted a pacifist and vegetarian way of life. Rev. John Todd Ferrier founded the Order of the Cross. In one of his books – The Logia or Sayings of the Master – Rev. Ferrier wrote a dedication, which gives an idea of his appreciation of Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland:

            “To the Members of the ANCIENT CHRISTHOOD ORDER who have for untold ages been dwellers within this planetary system, ministering unto the children of the Earth in things that are of God and the Soul, the true Seers and Prophets in all ages and amongst all peoples, the Interpreters of the Divine Wisdom and Manifestors of the Divine Love;
            “And very specially to those who formed the inner group of the Master’s most intimate friends, and heard from Him these Logia, and beheld His sorrow in the days of His Gethsemane;
“And of these we would name two who have been with us once more as the Messengers of the Highest, and who now minister from the Heavens, namely, ANNA BONUS KINGSFORD and EDWARD MAITLAND, who were known under other names in the days of the blessed Manifestation and were very near to the Master: –
“To these we dedicate this volume.”

Mysterious People – In this site we have a page dedicated to Dr. Anna Kingsford, in the section Occult People. It contains a short biography and some information about the influence she had on other people and movements. The organizer of the site is Brian Haughton.