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The object of this site is very far reaching. It implies, perhaps in its wider aspect, a reform of the present dominant orthodox religious structures of Western civilization, that is to say, a reform of the basis of the religion that calls itself Christian but that in reality, according to Kingsford and Maitland, is a form of anti-Christian idolatry.

A work of such magnitude cannot be done without the help of many people. This work is just in its beginnings, but it is our duty, at this early stage, to provide opportunities for those who may be interested in helping the development of the project.

Accordingly, we have created a way in which those who are interested may help this development. You can make donations of every kind, which will be very welcome. These may be in the form of financial resources or any other form. These donations ideally may be made by contacting the site manager, who can be reached by the CONTACT section, or, for those who want perhaps to donate anonymously,
just making donations through deposits in the following bank account: Arnaldo Sisson Filho - Bank Itaú (Brasília, Brazil) - Agency: 3932 - Account number: 06919-2

  We thank you for any help given to the development of this site and project.

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