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PERT, Alan. Red Cactus: The Life of Anna Kingsford. Alan Pert. Wild & Woolley, Watsons Bay, Australia, 2006.


            Information: It is a recent published biography, written by a pioneer in relation to the divulgation of Anna Kingsford in the Internet.

            This biography can be bought, in the Internet, at Adyar Bookshop, Sidney:

            Below we have the text of the presentation of the work, in the editor’s site:



Red Cactus

by Alan Pert


            Here at last, an accurate biography of the amazing Englishwoman, Anna Kingsford (1846-1888).

            She accomplished much of lasting value in her life, tragically cut short by consumption.

            Beautiful, talented and rich, she eloped with a theology student at the age of 21, and married him on the condition that she be free to pursue her own career.

            She owned a paper in London, then took a medical degree in Paris to aid her promotion of progressive causes. As a mystic of a high order, she received illuminations which formed the basis of her classic Hermeticwork, The Perfect Way.

            On invitation, she became president of the British Theosophical Society, but fell out with the irascible Madame Blavatsky to form her own Hermetic Society.

            She will long be remembered for her mystical works, her promotion of vegetarianism and animal welfare, and her courage in exposing cant and hypocrisy in a repressive age.

            Anna Kingsford's reputation has been seriously maligned in some quarters. Did she kill two Frenchmen by mind power? Was her mind taken over by a black magician? In past lives was she Mary Magdalen, Joan of Arc, and Anne Boleyn?

            Now, for the first time, these and other disturbing questions are answered.  



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