• The proposal of this site is very extensive. It implies, in its broadest aspect, a reform of the dominant religious orthodoxy around the world. Initially, due to the main content of this site, the focus is on a reform of the interpretations of the symbols and fundamental texts of Christianity. This initial reform is presented as an example that must be followed by the other great religious traditions.
  • A task of this magnitude cannot be accomplished without the help of many people. We are still at the beginning of this work, but it is our duty, from the outset, to create the possibility that those interested in helping in the development of this project can do so.
  • In this sense, at the present time, donations of all kinds can be made, which are welcome. This both in financial resources and in other ways. These donations can ideally be forwarded through a contact with the site administrator, who can be contacted at the address in the CONTACT section – or simply, for those who may wish to donate anonymously, making deposits to the following accounts, on behalf of Arnaldo Sisson Filho:
  • Banco Itaú (341) – Branch: 3932 – Checking Account: 06919-2
  • Our sincere thanks for any assistance, of any kind, in the development of this project.

Arnaldo Sisson Filho
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